Digger Driver jailed for destroying New Homes

Digger Driver jailed for destroying New Homes

A plant operator has been jailed for four years after wrecking a new housing development in a digger rampage

St Albans Crown Court heard that a Digger Driver from Harrow caused £4m of damage on the McCarthy and Stone scheme in Hertfordshire.

The Driver wrecked five new homes on August 11, 2018 following a row over wages.

The former plant operator had been working at the construction site before he was dismissed alongside several colleagues a few weeks prior to the incident.

The driver was not employed on site as an operator but with his experience operating plant he took a 360 Machine to cause damage. He told officers that the reason he had chosen to destroy the properties was due to a dispute with his former employer over unpaid wages.

Three three-bedroom properties and two two-bedroom properties were affected by the deliberate act of destruction, with the total cost of the damage estimated to be in the region of £4million.

The structural damage was deemed to be too severe so the affected properties had to be demolished and rebuilt.

The plant operator was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

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